In Sanskrit Ariya means “noble truth” or “pathway” a philosophy that is core to our fundamental values of accountability, honesty, transparency and sustainability.

Value proposition
Ariya aims to be a catalyst for developing a sustainable private equity asset class in Africa. An engine for growth, our value proposition focuses on three pillars: superior financial returns, social benefits and quantifiable environmental benefits through the generation of carbon credits. Our chosen sectors are demand-led growth industries that break the cycle of poverty, while our measured approach ensures that there is no need to sacrifice returns through responsible investing. 


Ariya has brought together a proven executive team of industry leaders with over 80 years combined experience in international finance, private equity and emerging markets. Through its innovative investment approach, Ariya is taking a lead in developing a nascent market. Ariya aims to be a thought leader in the sustainable investment arena and is committed to growing a sustainable private equity industry in Africa.
Ariya focuses two main growth sectors in the Sub-Saharan region: clean energy and ICT. These sectors are enabling from a development perspective, mutually reinforcing from a cross sector perspective and diverse from a risk perspective. The company’s strategy will be entry-focused, supported by rigorous on-the-ground due diligence, and will seek to build sustainable, profitable businesses through effective asset management.  The projects benefit local communities in numerous ways and Ariya is committed to skills transfer wherever it operates.
Ariya seeks to produce superior financial returns while ensuring its goal of incorporating demonstrable sustainability is fulfilled. Ariya is a financial first investor incorporating a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring environmental, social and governance criteria are met. We actively seek and develop sustainable companies as a means of creating industry leaders that will deliver superior returns in the long run.